Today’s Word Of The Day Haiku: Sad

do you know I’m sad?

walking alone on concrete

tears hidden by rain

This is my contribution to today’s Word of the Day Challenge: Sad. Fitting, I guess, for a rainy, gloomy day in Seattle. Many days like today’s hosted sadness. Lately, though, even in the midst of the pandemic, I feel calmness, tranquility.

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WordPress Word Of The Day: Vendetta

standing under clouds
the squirrels and crows arguing
ancient vendettas?

I discovered the WordPress “Word of the Day” challenge a long-time ago. Getting these prompts helped keep my creative side engaged. Then the WordPress team ended that project. Fortunately, others have stepped up to keep that initiative going.

Today’s word is “vendetta“. A challenging word, especially for my focus on haiku. As I watch the crows and squirrels quibble over the breadcrumbs in my backyard, I came up with this one. I hope you enjoy it!

Today’s Word of the Day Challenge: Wave, a Haiku

Photo by Lena Khrupina on

the ocean’s motion
waves moving across the earth

Here is my contribution to the Word of the Day Challenge. Today’s word is “wave”. Having spent so much of my life near the ocean, this is the first place my mind went. I did think a bit about writing about physics, but, well, I decided oceans were more lovely.

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Today’s Haiku: Verbal

Woolly Muses, a blog I’ve followed for awhile, posted their contribution to today’s FOWC (Fandango’s One-Word Challenge), with the key-word “verbal“. I enjoy these challenges, and I believe they solidly grow my creativity.

So, here’s my contribution:

words dance off my pen
verbal graces in sunlight
moving through silence