Under the Clouds

Under the Clouds

set under the clouds
my city moves through the rain
while fueled by coffee

A rainy day here, just north of Seattle. One that brings me memories of northwestern Oregon. The winter rains in Astoria where my feet were my main mode of transportation. I guess that came from the heavy weight of the rain drops along with their coldness.

Created with Adobe Spark.

A Saturday Snowfall

Snowfall in Lynnwood

snow falling
memories: moments of cheer
delights of childhood

Snow isn’t quite a joyous a thing as an adult as I found it as a child. Yet the echoes remain.

This is my contribution to today’s Word of the Day challenge, with today’s word “cheery”. I took a little liberty with “cheery”. I hope it cheers you, at least.

Signs of Spring

Snow upon the firs

upon this first snow
a group of robins gather
a first sign of spring

Though there was snow on the ground this morning, it was mostly gone by early afternoon. Then, during my afternoon walk, I saw a group of robins rummaging through the fallen leaves. Winter may be in place now, but spring cannot be stopped!