My afternoon walk

An afternoon walk
Journeying through the quiet
With only my mind

Tonight’s Sunset: A Haiku

The descending sun
Vibrant colors bursting forth
With life resetting

Went for a walk this evening. Met my Fitbit step goal, got some lovely photos, and did some thinking. A great way to spend an hour.

Memories of a fading Seattle

Many memories
Walking past the empty halls
In winter’s darkness

Ages ago I lived in Seattle’s heart. At that point, beginning a transformation, becoming the economic behemoth of our now. Then we were still the refuge of the poor, downtrodden. Suburban business professionals drifting through, vanishing as the clock struck five. The flurry of buses and cars carrying them away, far away from us. I found myself wandering nighttime streets, streetlights and gentle rain accompanying my steps. An urban beauty.