A Sunday morning haiku

As dawn climbs the sky

How do i better myself?

Birds sing their answer

It’s a challenge for me to focus on the future, to create a vision. It’s much easier to live in this moment. But it leaves gaps in my psyche I try to fill. This is perpetual for me. 

Relearning to Dream Boldly

How do I relearn 

To dream boldly

To reach for the stars?

First look skyward 

In the night’s sky 

Gaze upon Orion’s belt


One can’t reach

What one cannot see.

Vision creates


Beginning Again

Starting new journeys
Refreshed with a new vision
Seeking to craft hope

I have a new vision for myself as a blogger: combining my poetry with a talent for administration and organization, mixing in a desire to motivate positive personal growth. I know there’s a place for a vision of positive growth and inspiration. Now I wonder about the vehicle. Currently, I’ve started a new website: www.ForwardFacing.net. Though perhaps I’ll reframe this site towards that end. I’m not too sure yet. 

Come over and let me know what you think. Advice and counsel are deeply appreciated. Or comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.