Tonight’s Haiku: Life’s Complexities

Life’s complexities
Tranquility’s opposite
Argued with moonlight


Daily Haiku: Awoke By My Fears

Awoke by my fears
Not an unusual thing
Though I’ve grown weary 

I’ve long hated my mind’s tendency to torment me late at night. Bringing up ancient mistakes, dragging forth unlikely scenarios, so many ways my mind finds to attack my tranquility. 

Seeking Out Success

Seeking out my strengths
Align my life for success
Pursuing my dreams

So much of my life wasted with fear and insecurity. No longer will they dominate my life. I will continue to seek out purpose and tranquility.


Be Yourself

Often sleep damaged
When we try to cram our souls
Into other forms

Life is hard enough without trying to force ourselves into something we’re not. Finding a place of deep love and compassion for ourselves is a key step to everything peace and tranquility. 



Majestic mountains
Magnificent light falling
Tranquility’s song



An Early Morning Haiku 

At this early hour
Awake before my alarm
Enjoying silence


The Quiet Of Night

In the night’s quiet
Human activity done
Except this poem

Good night my friends! May it be a great rest. Please give the post a like and share on your favorite social media channel.


Waging Peace


If we all wage peace
Perhaps sanity will reign
Deny destruction


When Night Falls

I love when night falls
As the air cools and light wanes
And peacefulness descends 


Passion and Tranquility

Some draw 

Strength from 


Others from 


Both are not 

Only valid 

But critical