Haiku, May 30, 2020

a day filled with rain

I avoid the damp puddles

circles flow outwards

A day of rain and thunder, such an abnormally in Seattle. Well, not the rain; that’s still quite common. Yet today I opted to forgo my evening walk. Just wasn’t in the mood to be soaked, cold and shivering. 

Today’s Word of the Day Haiku: Contact

Today’s “Word of the Day” challenge features “Contact”. I stared at the blank screen for few moments before I was able to start pulling this one together. One of yesterday’s photos came to mind. On my evening walk yesterday, I was watching the bees flit about these flowers. When this lady buzzed right into the flower in front of me, I was delighted to catch the moment.

flower to flower
the bees contact each petal
motion of springtime

Today’s Word Of The Day Challenge Haiku

Taking part in the Word of the Day challenge, where today’s word is “Opinion”. It seems fitting as spring flowers are starting to wane to talk about the falling blossoms.

gentle rain passes
starlings sing their opinions
cherry blossoms fall