Seattle Snow: A Haiku

More snow has fallen

The ground covered with stillness

Echoes of my past

We had another snowfall yesterday. I love the snow covered earth. A sense of peacefulness fills me. I remember the many snowy days from my youth. Joyous moments; sadness at the losses that brought me here. 

A Pre-Dawn Haiku For #NaHaiWriMo and #SnowMageddon2019

I sit in the darkness

Free from fear’s anguished grasping

Earth covered in snow

Seattle’s first significant snow event this winter has disrupted our lives solidly. I miss the days i could walk to work, even in the snow. The roads have been quite treacherous. So, I’ve avoided them. Today, though, I really need to make my way into the office. It’ll be fun ,I’m sure.