A Rainy Saturday Evening Haiku

daises in the rain
water dripping from my hat
the wind’s memory

Sunset through the Olympics

Sunset through the Olympics

sunlight descending

engulfed in the water’s depths

walking to the south

Oh Teriyaki! A Haiku

with its sweetened glaze

over glorious chicken

Seattle’s great dish

I’m extremely fond of teriyaki, and usually have some at least once a week. Everytime I start a new job or move, finding a new teriyaki shop is an immediate goal.

What’s you’re favorite food?

Orion’s Belt, Tonight’s Haiku

where the rain clouds were

I now see Orion’s Belt

a cold winter’s walk

The clear sky this evening, a welcome reprieve from the recent gloom. Made for a lovely, if rather cold, evening walk.

How was your evening?