This Morning’s Rain: A Haiku

Early morning rain
Disrupting outdoor planning
Well, we’re flexible

Awoke to the steady patter of a Seattle rain. For me, there’s something very calming about it. I guess it’s part of Seattle being home. There must be moss in my soul. 


A Rainy Day In Seattle: Today’s Haiku

Another grey day

Rainfall has moistened the ground

Watching memories

It’s feels very much like September this morning. The ground is damp from overnight rain. I great the crows debating their aviary issues of the day. 

Having spent most of my life in our around Seattle, this is a common vision. One that connects me to so many memories, good and bad. Today I’m remembering living in downtown Seattle. That was home for nearly 10 years after I got out of the Navy. Basically, most of my twenties. 

A fascinating time of my life. Trying to understand my place in the world. Discerning my dreams and goals. Mostly discerning myself, and my soul as unique and individual. Before that I either lived at home, in a dorm, on a ship, or in a barracks. I’d never truly lived alone.