another morning

rain gently tapping windows

abandoned cobwebs

Early morning, life starts to stir, Seattle’s rainy tendencies reach their fullest expression. Not the monsoons of my childhood, rather, regular, continuous drip. The weather presents challenges for many. 

A Haiku For A Rainy Seattle Morning

rain taps my window

echoing through memories

graveyard with damp grass

I listen to the gentle patter of the rain, memories full my head. Sitting in my bay window watching the rain. Laying in my childhood bed. Sitting in cafes, drying from walking, coffee welcome warmth. 

Does rain’s sound trigger any memories for you?

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This morning’s #haiku: awaiting dawn

awaiting dawn 

light’s grace upon the dark clouds

rain’s song to the trees

Dawn may come earlier, but it’s still dark before I leave for work, still dark on many drive home. This, at times, challenges many mood. I work to stay cognizant of my minds health.