Seattle and This Morning’s Smoke

Early morning light 

Filtered by smoke 

Rising from California

Demanding access 

To my lungs

Though I resist

My coughing

And sneezing

State clearly

I have lost


A Haiku For A Summer’s Evening

The day’s heat lingers
Sunlight blocked by the mountains
Summer’s kind mercies

It was a warm one today. Especially by Seattle standards. Got some walking in, a little shopping, farmers market time, chatting friends…all things that build connection and community.

Always Seek Out Hope

Always seek out hope 

Then our end will be better 

Beyond what we guess 

Moving through my life’s various trials in constantly struck by how often the results don’t match my predictions. At times, my conceptualization wasn’t even close. The best results achieve when I abandoned expectations and acted. Simply moved forward. Even if the end isn’t clear, the next step often is.