Sunlight Rising

A moth fluttering
Upon the grass stalks
The rising sunlight


Spring rides the starlight

Evening has arrived
Listening to classic jazz
Spring rides the starlight


Faith’s Srength: A Haiku 

Faith’s strength comes from trust 

Belief in benevolent

Energies driving 


Beginnings, Endings

Beginnings moving

Forwards towards middles, motion

Ends; begin anew


Laying in the dark: meditating 

I lay in the dark
My eyes feeling drawn downwards
Peace in the silence


A Black History Month Haiku

Black History Month
We forget the dead, white guys
Just for this month

Seeking out ways to incorporate the these into my daily readings and writing. Are you doing anything creative?


Poetry’s Power 

Once I was told
Poetry’s power
Comes from framing
Life so uniquely
That people see
Truths they’re hiding from

Experimenting with using the graphic to separate my prose from the poem.  What do you think?


A Haiku As I Listen To Satie 

Listening to Satie
These binary colored keys
Dancing summer light 

I always envision ImImpressionistic artists as I Lilisten to Satie. Just seems so perfect. Like Bach in cathedrals. 


Tonight’s Hidden Moonlight

The hidden moonlight
Obscured from my view by clouds
Now to attain sleep

And now, and good night to you all.