Exploring Passion: Today’s Haiku 

Exploring passion

Seeking to understand me

And what feeds my soul 

One of my mentors challenged me: does my current work fill me with joy, is it what I imagine doing for years to come. I’ve never asked that of myself before. I’ve drifted from job to job. I’ve never had direction or mission in this part of my life. 

I will fix that. It is time. 

Writing is that joy giving thing. Now what? I’m unsure. 

It’s exhilarating and terrifying. 


Beginning Again

Starting new journeys
Refreshed with a new vision
Seeking to craft hope

I have a new vision for myself as a blogger: combining my poetry with a talent for administration and organization, mixing in a desire to motivate positive personal growth. I know there’s a place for a vision of positive growth and inspiration. Now I wonder about the vehicle. Currently, I’ve started a new website: www.ForwardFacing.net. Though perhaps I’ll reframe this site towards that end. I’m not too sure yet. 

Come over and let me know what you think. Advice and counsel are deeply appreciated. Or comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts. 


Here I stand

And so I stand
Upon this green hill
Watching the rage filled
Banter below. Unable
To comprehend, to
Descend, swinging
Into the mass melee
Of standard life.
I must stand aside
Playfully exploring
Within the forgotten
Grasses on this hill-top
Field, lost within the
Echoing glory of the
Neglected and unseen.