The Scent Of Rain

​As the sunlight fades
Comforting darkness flows in
With the scent of rain

It’s set to rain overnight and into tomorrow. Many of the Seattleites I know are ready for a bit of cool rain. I know, we’re a weird lot. When everything is green it feels the most like home. 

Abrupt Awareness

Frog song
Bold moonlight
Sudden awareness

Thinking of those moments where one is working dillgently, fully absorbed, then abruptly aware of time’s passage. The last moment outside our mind sunlight dominated. Then, darkness, moonlight, and the frogs chanting their mantras.

A Haiku On A Cloud Filled Night

The moon peeks through evening clouds

Moonlit clouds

The moon peeks through the clouds this cool Seattle evening. Misty rains paused long enough for me to complete a walk. Thus my mood’s betterment achieved.

Wishing you all thoughts of peace during these troubled times.