An Early Morning Haiku

Yes, I am awake

And the birds sing with vigor

Dawn has not yet come

I’m amazed at the number of birds singing right now. Well, I think one of the loudest sounds is an insect, but I digress.  It’s quite boisterous. Oddly, as daylight comes their sounds will quiet. Perhaps just supplanted by human noise. Perhaps. 


Birds Awakened 

This morning’s still dark
Abrupt noise into silence
Birds have awakened

This morning’s first birdsong came while I was dosing. Jarring enough to yank my attention. Does the first bird to speak get the early worm? Ot, perhaps, he gets the girl? 

Reading Gary Snyder 

The morning quiet

I’m reading Gary Snyder

His words speak to me

My journey overlaps his

Mountains, rivers without end

Snyder’s has long been amongst my favorites. My personal overlap with his life a big part of that. My journeys through the Pacific Northwest, through Oregon, California; life and an eclectic array of work all make me feel a spirit connection.