Do you hear the Oran Mor?

A song in emptiness
So beautiful
Demanding a response
Tones bouncing
Stars flicker forth
Atoms, elements born
Motion, energy,

Learn more about the Oran Nor here. 


As youth I chose
To deeply explore music
Each word critical 

Music is critical to me. For my teenage years, I focused my study there. Well, as best as I could focus at that age. Music means so very much to me. Understanding the way lyrics, melody and harmony intersect for the good of the story carried great value. 

I seek to recapture that. Spent some time this morning enjoying it again. Until life’s demands intruded. Soon, I’ll return. These delights critical to my soul. 

Listening to Compline

Sitting in dim light 

Not darkness, tranquil

People highlighted by shadow 

Candle’s energy dancing 

Upon faces, glinting eyes

Music carries words 

Deeper than where 

They’ll go

On their own power;

Calmness fills empty spots 

Within my soul

Refreshed and 

Birthed anew 

Seattle’s St. Marks cathedral has hosted compline for decades. Sung evening prayer has roots deep in Christian liturgy and the Anglican tradition. These speak to me deeply, especially in candlelit halls of stone.