Lies I tell myself 

Echoing voices

Brief flickers of

Light behind my

Eyes seeing potential

Birthed by different

Choices of a life

Not lived

Caught unwary

Tinged these

With regret

Painful loss

Of a false future

A lie told to


Though I love haiku, I also love creating longer works and free verse. 


A Father’s Day Haiku


Father’s Day for some
Filled with deep sadness or pain
Say a prayer for them

In this time of Hallmark sentiment, forgeting the broader world comes with ease. Easily we forget some exist without the joyfully memories of a beloved father. “Father”, for some, triggers fear, pain; a reminder of brutality and anguish.

Others feel the joy tinged with sadness. Whether feeling a father shaped hole in their heart, our the prodigal father, staring down the empty road, his heart beating next to the son sized emptiness.

Let us not forgot the breadth of human experience, the varietals of joy and pain. Such attention brings us into deeper connection. A thing of truest beauty.