Focus on Love 

Choosing direction
May sometimes be a challenge
Please focus on love


Evaluating Life

Are actions aligned with goals?
Deliberate change

Doing some personal evaluation right now. Clarifying my goals: what I want to do, what I want my life to mean. Hard, but necessary, especially when I put everything on the table: nothing sacred, all challenged. Ensuring only what is truly enriching remains.

This kind of work is hard. Rewarding, but hard. Hard to look at decisions and paths thinking “is it time to let this go”? But that’s the only way to keep moving forward. 



At times
It is hard to remember
All the good in the world
Despair is a cruel teacher

Grapple with thankfulness
And accept the grace of love
That comes, truly, it comes
Often unexpectedly


These children grow tall

Look at these children
So tall, kind and wonderful
I’m filled with rich pride


Simplicity: The Beauty of Haiku

Life is so complex
The beauty within haiku
Ah! Simplicity!


Diversity: A Haiku 

Each piece beautiful
Each distinctly unique
Each one critical


Music Speaks 

Music speaking clear
Words dancing into my heart
Soul’s revolution

Music has long held a dear spot in my heart. Speaking to my loves and passions, my deepest sadness or griefs, soaring joy or the depths of anguish, music captures it. And I feel connected, not alone.  


Beth Caldwell’s impact on metastatic breast cancer

Not a work of poetry, but poetic in it’s raw power. It also features evocative language. 

“The only thing that brings me any sense of meaning these days is to think of these fallen trees as nurse logs. Their memories, their lives, their children, their passions, their faces, their senses of humor, their wisdom, their spirits, their beautiful beautiful beautiful spirits are nurturing us, feeding us, giving us strength to go on, to demand change, to bring research to our friends, to fight against death death death so much death. Their falling leaves a hole in the forest canopy, but their souls are bringing new life to our movement and nutrients to keep us growing.

“And someday this forest will cover the world.”

As someone who lost my mother to breast-cancer far too young (pretty much the same age as Beth), this piece hits me hard. Tears, memories, so very much brought up. And, you may find it strange to share this Christmastime, but I always remember that first Christmas after my mom died. Really, though, I see this as a powerful way to honor her. 

Blessing to each of you this Christmas. Love well, love strong, love



It’s audacious
Hubristic, really
To think these words
A silly spackle of thought
Might, maybe, change things
Dampen a bit of rage
Create a little love
Maybe, just maybe,
My audacity might
Bear fruit
Hope echoes