A Seattle Morning Haiku

Seattle’s grey skies
Though they filter the sunlight
Bring me peacefulness


Awoke to rains rage
Where I’d resist the outdoors
I’m safe on my couch

I’m a product of Seattle. So much time in the rain, it defines me. I remember a moment, so many years ago, sitting in my apartment, looking out over Seattle with coffee and a good book. With nowhere I needed to go, nor be, I sat in the window bay watching the rain splatter upon the glass, gravity writing it’s magic. 

Seattle’s Rain Has Returned

Rain has returned
It feels more like Seattle
The one of my memory

So much of my life has been spent in the presence of Seattle’s rain. Though it chills my skin, it warms my heart.

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Finding Home

Release expectation
Follow the sun in daylight
And stars at night
Listen for home’s sensation
When your heart is right

My childhood spent drifting, wandering the world. Eventually, home became this deep expectation, originally unwelcome. The beauty of the world intrigued me so. Now, living near my parents, and where grandparents spent their whole lives, there’s a rich connection. one whose beauty caught me off guard.