another morning

rain gently tapping windows

abandoned cobwebs

Early morning, life starts to stir, Seattle’s rainy tendencies reach their fullest expression. Not the monsoons of my childhood, rather, regular, continuous drip. The weather presents challenges for many. 

Winter Arrives

the rain clouds lighten

greedy puddles expanded

wintertime arrives

The first day of winter arrives, dawn finally brightens Seattle’s clouds. Today follows a day of record rain and related aggregations. 

With the passing of the solstice, I await the longer days and the promise of spring. 

Awoke to rains rage
Where I’d resist the outdoors
I’m safe on my couch

I’m a product of Seattle. So much time in the rain, it defines me. I remember a moment, so many years ago, sitting in my apartment, looking out over Seattle with coffee and a good book. With nowhere I needed to go, nor be, I sat in the window bay watching the rain splatter upon the glass, gravity writing it’s magic.