My Response to Today’s Word of the Day Challenge: Fresh

suburban wanders
as fresh cut grass’ scent dances
memories awake

Today’s Word of the Day Challenge features “fresh”. As it’s spring here in the suburbs of Seattle, and I’m listening to a mower’s drone, this flowed from my keyboard.

Word of the Day Challenge: Traffic, A Haiku

Along The Road

feet moving southwards
a moment free of traffic
memories of the road

Today’s Word of the Day Challenge is Traffic. I took the photo above on one of last week’s daily walks. Memories of long-ago road trips. That moment of breaking free from the urban, of the slog of traffic, facing the freedom, and cruelty, of the road. Washington and Oregon’s backroads, where one goes for miles without seeing other cars. When you do, only the briefest intersection, a burst of rushing wind, abruptly quieting to nothing. Only my engine’s hum remains.