A #MondayMotivation #Haiku For You 

It’s Monday morning

Such potential awaits us 

Now, what will you do?

Carpet diem, as the adage goes. Seize this day! What will you make of it? I hope something grand. 

Releasing Perfection

Perfection released

Forever seeking to grow

Gentle humbleness 

There’s a power in humility. Slowly I’m growing forward. 

A Meditation About Seeking Greatness

So, why am I here?

Such a powerful question

This path to greatness

I want to grow, to become more, do important things, make a positive impact upon this place I love. That is what I mean by “greatness” . But that’s only a part. How I need to define my goal. 

As Thich Naht Hahn said, “The path is the goal”. It’s a fluid, moving target, evolving as my soul grows. I find this beautiful.