Autocorrected Annoyances 

Now I grow weary 

Of fixing autocorrect

And its bad choices 

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Daily Haiku: Awoke By My Fears

Awoke by my fears
Not an unusual thing
Though I’ve grown weary 

I’ve long hated my mind’s tendency to torment me late at night. Bringing up ancient mistakes, dragging forth unlikely scenarios, so many ways my mind finds to attack my tranquility. 

Youthful Memories: A Free Verse Meditation

Youthful memories 

Comic books
Toy ray-guns
Sunlit days 

Free of shoes
Sand covered toes

Burning echoes
Of the first-girl-I-loved’s
And resultant mockery 

I wonder
Why suffering
Delights us so?
Such cruelty divides us
A charred gulf bearing
Smoldering rubble
Remnants of hope

So many memories of this journey called life. Painful ones sometimes rise up, reminding me of their place in my mind, my psyche. Hints of underlying angers and frustrations, damage done.