Logic’s Altar

For so long
I’ve worshipped
At logic’s altar
The cold linear stone now
Seems empty to me

Time to go within
Into mystery
The unspoken certainly
Arising from hope
And the love
For beauty


In Motion

Dreams of motion 

Cars and vans, across deserts 

Sunlight’s glaring strength 

The forces of life drive hard 

Each day waking 

I’m the same bed

With different views 

Outside this glass

Wheels sparkle in the day 

Transitions happen 

I Dreamt Of Falling

Dreamt of falling
Into a pool of cool water
Falling slowly
Gently, safely
God wants me to know
That I must trust him
To guide me to where
He wants me to go
Develop trust
That his plan
Is what will
Make me the
Best me
I could ever be
Words echoing
Spirits speaking
I’m unaware if
These words
Have any meaning
Outside of my mind
But the sacredness
Which surrounds me
Speaks to me