Haiku, August 7, 2020

within the darkness
memories of the daylight
as I seek to rest

This is my first experiment with Adobe Spark. I find Canva a bit more intuitive at first blush. I’ll see where that goes. As I have a Creative Suite subscription, Spark makes significant economic sense.

Haiku, August 2, 2020

another day past

feeling the grace of sunlight

soon, petals will fall

  • I love the flowers i see on my walks. This one out from yesterday. Today I didn’t get out. My right foot ended up with some brutal blisters. Make sure your shoes fit right, and aren’t too worn. They’ll thank you for it. 

Flowers On My Walk

walking in sunlight
renewed life fueled by its grace
moving through my space

Living in the suburbs north of Seattle, I see many flowers. You probably have no trouble discerning that from my posts. As a young man, I fled these burbs. Life’s sense of humor, though, kicked in hard. I know life just about a hundred feet from the house I grew up in.

The passing time brings perspective. Now I feel a deep love for this place. My connections deep: friendships, history, I can look at a spot and talk about decades of change, and stability. These suburbs resist change well, but not perfectly.

These flowers which bored me as a boy and young man, well, they now bring me happiness. Years of growth, of death, of change, yet the bees still buzz, flowers still bloom, and summer becomes autumn.