Can we remove fear’s power over us?

Fears easily win

When I lose faith that there is 

A pathway forward

It seems that the quickest path to despair is giving up on finding a way forwards. That there are solutions to problems. Perhaps even that there’s any sort of solution. Sometimes, it’s easy to get so enmeshed into the details any problem that even obvious solutions become elusive. 

It’s critical that we challenge that mindset. That we refuse to believe in that self-talk. We’d just believe in growth, in learning, in the path forward through the darkness. 

I find reminding myself that other folks have gotten through similar challenges helps greatly. Knowing I’m not alone gives me peace, which feeds my strength. 


The Perils Of Writing

This writer’s journey
Fraught with perils of the heart
Facing down my fear

As I write, my mind drags out random, destructive talk. The act of posting challenges sensations of inadequacy. Thus I post, refusing to let the destructive voices within me win.