The Politics of Rage and Negativity

Here’s my Tuesday morning haiku meditation:

Politics of rage
Why are we so negative?
This land of plenty


Despair Lies 

Despair’s a liar

There’s always a way forwards 

Hints of dawn’s colors 

I know how easy it is get lost in fear, my mind racing with destructive dreams. It’s corrosive to my joy. 

Listening to Fear

Fear has great wisdom
Face it boldly and head-on
Always stay mindful

This is a profound challenge for me. I do not like the sensation of fear. Yet I know it’s a required sensation for growth. 

As we push ourselves outside our “comfort zone”,  fear holds sway. Listen to it, see what it’s trying to say, look for truth. Is there something real to be afraid of, or is it the unknown, the simple possibility of failure? When you’ve done such, answers tend you be intuitively obvious. 

Fear Has Plenty Of Company

There are many fears
They will never be lonely
I can leave them be 

It’s so hard, sometimes, to disentangle from my fears. They are so deeply interwoven into my life. Yet I’ve rooted out many over the years. 

May you be freed from fear’s inertia. From its attempts to rob you of joy and wonder. 

And may your Sunday recharge and invigorate you.