A Tuesday Morning Haiku

When you move too fast

The obvious, at times, missed

Which slows me down


Fearing to Launch

A challenge of mine
As with so many others
Launch my idea

I, for one, find it hard to actually take my ideas, my dreams live. The action of making it real has risk, the chance of failure. Lately, though, I’ve read so very much about the value of failure. I need to work at controlling those fears, ensuring I’m effective and moving forward with accomplishing my dreams.

Feeding My Soul: A Haiku

Need to be thoughtful
About what I put into
My mind, my soul

I often put more thought into what I seed my body then what I feed my soul. Probably put more thought into my car’s gas, too. I know I need to change that. My soul’s nourishment becomes my attitude, my confidence, my actions.

Abandoning All We Are

Abandon all that we are
So we can become
All that we might be 

I see myself trapped by my past, by the barriers erected from fear, insecurity and doubt. “Grow past them…” I counsel myself. “Push past them. They are but vapor, illusion, less real than the dreams. Dreams create! So I shall focus on them.