A haiku over tea

Some afternoon tea

Combined with a tasty lunch

Spring’s not quite here yet

Enjoying a lite bite at Edmonds’ Red Twig. A lovely cafe with tasty food, lovely coffee and a good selection of teas, it’s a favorite stop for many of our neighbors.

Brunch in #Edmonds

A light mist outside

Delightfully warm within

My grandfather’s voice

My grandparents started coming to Edmonds’ Pancake Haus when it opened, and remained faithful customers til the end. My wife and I go somewhat regularly, enough that the staff recognize our son and ask about him. This connection brings me joy.

Do have any place with similar connections?

A Christmas Day Haiku

such a lovely day

walking in cold sunlight

December’s blessings

My wife and I went for am afternoon walk with my wife down in Edmonds, my favorite little town. A fine way to spend an afternoon, methinks.

I hope your holiday filled you with happiness and joy.