A Meditation This Memorial Day

Please remember why So many giving their lives Bird song on marble As a young man, I was quite proud of my decision to join the Navy. No plans for great and noble sacrifice. My future was what mattered; potential, possibility. There were thoughts of glory, but not of sacrifice.  I’m sobered as I remember […]

Beth Caldwell’s impact on metastatic breast cancer

http://www.fredhutch.org/en/news/center-news/2017/11/beth-caldwell-impact-metastatic-breast-cancer.html Not a work of poetry, but poetic in it’s raw power. It also features evocative language.  “The only thing that brings me any sense of meaning these days is to think of these fallen trees as nurse logs. Their memories, their lives, their children, their passions, their faces, their senses of humor, their wisdom, […]

The Freshman Suicide

A freshman committed Suicide  Died last night, I hear the wail Of robbed potential, The silent home A room, empty, Where homework  Should be studied, Driving lessons  Rehashed, Proms planned,  Eventually weddings, childbirth  Joyful transition  Parent To grandparent, Planning OUR funerals, Not of a child.  Funerals for children  Brutal Life is fragile.