Laying in the dark: meditating 

I lay in the dark
My eyes feeling drawn downwards
Peace in the silence


Tonight, As Sleep Approaches

Sleep approaches me
The darkness cocooning me
Rain gently falling

A busy day concluded. Time with dear friends exploring one of Seattle’s great landmarks. Now, though, it’s time to sleep. 

I hope your day was rewarding, that it was all you’d hoped it would be. 

Good night, dear ones, good night!

The Darkness and the Light 

Darkness and the light
Elements of all our lives
Don’t give in to fear

Finding oneself aligned with the light, it’s easy to be afraid of the darkness within us. 


This Evening’s Haiku : The Night

Beyond the day’s strength
Suddenly the light’s now gone
Darkness’ deceit


Alive at Night

Moments of beauty
Senses alive with delight Embracing darkness

Embrace the darkness, but don’t let it consume you. Find the firey warmth of your heart.


Night’s Growing Longer

As darkness creeps down
Cool air brings tranquility
Sun sets earlier

It’s getting darker earlier now. Fall approaches, with it impending change. School reboots, air cools, night’s grow longer.


The deepest victory

Every time we learn
A candle is lit
Against the darkness 

Every time we teach
A Sun is lit
Burning that darkness 


Night arrives 

night arrives calmly

darkness shrouding all my cares 

dawn will come quickly


On a moonlit night 

Darkness folding in

Standing beneath moonlit mists

Embraced by the night 


Darkness Descending 

Darkness descending
That living within our hearts
Often thrives at night