Media Creation and Management: January and February 2021

Over the past few weeks I have been working as a Media Coordinator for Trinity Lutheran Church covering for a paternity leave. Fun work! The main piece has been creating and editing videos for our YouTube streams. Besides running cameras, mixers and multimedia, I have also been assembling and editing videos. The video equipment I use: 3 digital cameras, a Roland video mixer, OBS, and YouTube Studio. We feed our audio through a Yamaha sound board before it heads into the livestream.

In this video, I edited several of the component videos with Premier Pro. Additionally, most of the graphics were created by me. I’m especially proud of the Thumbnail.

Also, I’ve created some graphics for YouTube channel art as well as Instagram, Mailchimp, and a few other promotional avenues. These ones were created with Photoshop.

I created these with Canva. It is a fine tool, with great templates which makes creating images like these quick.

New Logo

I’ve been experimenting with logos over the past few weeks and created this one for this site. For this one I used Adobe Illustrator. It’s been a bit since I last worked with it.

Freehand Sketch: Native Mask

I sketched this years ago, though I’m not sure if I saw this mask at the Seattle Art Museum or at the Burke Museum at UW. Anyway, I am still very proud of this piece. Freehand with pencil, though I didn’t take good notes and not 100% sure of the lead. I think it was 2B.

AutoCad Work: Deck Design

I needed to create plans for a deck that had been added to an existing plan with a very short turn-around (work on the whole project was stopped by the county until we got the plans approved). Created with AutoCAD LT 2020