I fell in love with poetry and photography pretty young. My earliest writing memory: seventh grade creative writing. Poetry and writing remain crucial parts of my life. My love of photography is even older, starting back in elementary school. I started with old point-and-shoot film cameras, progressing through different types of film (35mm SLRs, Rolleiflexes, etc) and into the digital. I now shoot most of photos on my Samsung S9 or my antiquated Olympus PEN. I do have some old film cameras still that I like to shoot with. 

I find inspiration in the commonplace, in everyday experiences, in community. Seattle and the Pacific Northwest are “home” in the deepest sense, a rich personal history intertwining with legacy. Every stone holds meaning. 

Most of the photos you find here are mine, though I occasionally use the free photos in Adobe Spark, Pexels and Unsplash. Please explore my blog, share your favorites on your favorite social media channels, and click “follow”!