Tonight’s Haiku: July 14, 2020

movement of my feet
scenes along these quiet streets
suburban whimsy

I came across the cover photo on this evening’s walk. I’ve seen it before, and really get a kick out if it.

It’s really feeling like summer in Seattle. It really hasn’t had the feel until the past few days. Fortunately, it’s not too hot. I’m truly acclimatized to these moderate climes.

Haiku, July 9, 2020

dawn hidden by clouds

songbirds boldly chattering

gentle summer’s breeze

A morning after a restless night. Coffee far too late, perhaps. My ears attuned to the night, hearing so very much, sleep came with difficulty to late to be useful. Once I woke, the morning calmness and quietude spoke to me. 

A Haiku On A Cloud Filled Night

The moon peeks through evening clouds

Moonlit clouds

The moon peeks through the clouds this cool Seattle evening. Misty rains paused long enough for me to complete a walk. Thus my mood’s betterment achieved.

Wishing you all thoughts of peace during these troubled times.