A Haiku On A Cloud Filled Night

The moon peeks through evening clouds

Moonlit clouds

The moon peeks through the clouds this cool Seattle evening. Misty rains paused long enough for me to complete a walk. Thus my mood’s betterment achieved.

Wishing you all thoughts of peace during these troubled times.

Word of the Day Challenge: River

Photo by ArtHouse Studio on Pexels.com

My contribution to today’s Word of the Day Challenge: River.

this tranquil motion
combined destructive power
river’s dual nature

A river, though sometimes calm and tranquil, and sometimes raging through storms, always erodes it’s surroundings. No matter the gentleness of the moment, there’s inexorable change, micron by micron, creating canyons and corroding mountains. Water’s gentleness is deceptive.

Early Morning, June27, 2020

an ocean of sound

boldly starting the day

the sky remains dark

Pre-dawn tones, birds and insects chatter, apart yet together. Robins, crickets, then crows: acoustic motion across my consciousness.

Saturday morning, just a few more days left of June. Many types of chronological motion, too, greying my hair. Speaking to me of near ancient memories. Ancient, at least, in terms of humanity, of human life-spans.