I’m Awaiting Dawn: Today’s Haiku


This morning’s haiku is connected to waking up too dang early. I’m awaiting my pending alarm. 


Always seek to grow

Always seeking growth

And to manage all my fears

Become what I want 

It’s frightening, at times, to always seek growth. It requires constant reminders to watch for fear, the temptation to be comfortable. As a writer and artist, I see how critical it is to push boundaries. Mine as well as others. Perhaps mine are the most important boundaries to smash through. Destroying that which holds me back, which robs me of joy. 

A Haiku For A Summer’s Evening

The day’s heat lingers
Sunlight blocked by the mountains
Summer’s kind mercies

It was a warm one today. Especially by Seattle standards. Got some walking in, a little shopping, farmers market time, chatting friends…all things that build connection and community.