Recommended Video: “Hey Tim”

So, this is a bit different post for me.

A friend of mine shared this video with me today. Just. Wow! First the artistry of the film shines brilliantly. The story, though, carries it to great heights.

So, clearly, I recommend it. Check it out, then let me know what you think. I hope you love it as much as I.

Thursday Thoughts

Find hope at endings

As they’re a new beginning

Always move forwards

As I move through another period of transition, I focus on the possible. I gain energy from that, driving me forwards. Yes, there are frustrations, challenges, and road blocks, but remember the goal. Always focus on moving forwards.

Grace and peace to you my friends!

A Black History Month Poet: Maya Angelou

As it’s Black History Month, I felt it appropriate to remind people of the brilliant legacy of Black Poets. Today I start with the legendary Maya Angelou. Facing down the brutality of her childhood, I see her as one of the great souls of human history. This particular quote speaks loudly to me, laden with wisdom. 

Seeking Confidence: A Haiku

seeking confidence 

channel Earnest Hemingway

a bad ass poet

Well, I believe this is better labelled “senryu”. The roots of my malaise? This feeling of inadequacy, that i should be doing something great, followed by debilitating, negative self talk. I thought a great poets who have a great bearing. Hemingway captures that confident bearing, which I seek to install within me perfectly.