Keep Breathing

​Keep breathing deeply

Listen to the birds singing

Sunlight upon trees

Life’s tensions overwhelm at times. Remember to stop, focus on breathing deeply,controlled. Today, while doing this, the bird’s singing became vibrant. It’s what’s really important in life. 

Morning Coffee, A #Haiku

​Coffee’s gracefulness 

Awakening our brain cells

Enabling life 

The elixir of life: coffee! Memories of Seattle cafes in the 90s, a broke young man seeking moments of grace. Warmth in the winter rain, another grace. Warm memories of friends and conversation, of connecting with history’s great minds. Coffee consumed, generations apart, cold winter’s rain ensuring the seat, by the window, wondrous.

Grace: A Haiku

Here is my contribution to today’s Word of the Day challenge: Grace.

I think a lot about grace. Its importance both to us, and to society. How grace enables humans to function together, and is the magic elixir that ends conflict. And that grace is undervalued, perhaps even reviled. We live in brutal times, my friends. 

A haiku about grace
A Haiku About Grace