The Rage Engine: A Haiku

Rage’s engine roars
A machine that churns out death
While rotting out souls

Seems this is the favorite piece of equipment to operate anymore. 


Fear Has Plenty Of Company

There are many fears
They will never be lonely
I can leave them be 

It’s so hard, sometimes, to disentangle from my fears. They are so deeply interwoven into my life. Yet I’ve rooted out many over the years. 

May you be freed from fear’s inertia. From its attempts to rob you of joy and wonder. 

And may your Sunday recharge and invigorate you. 

Evaluating Life

Are actions aligned with goals?
Deliberate change

Doing some personal evaluation right now. Clarifying my goals: what I want to do, what I want my life to mean. Hard, but necessary, especially when I put everything on the table: nothing sacred, all challenged. Ensuring only what is truly enriching remains.

This kind of work is hard. Rewarding, but hard. Hard to look at decisions and paths thinking “is it time to let this go”? But that’s the only way to keep moving forward.