Seeking Confidence: A Haiku

seeking confidence 

channel Earnest Hemingway

a bad ass poet

Well, I believe this is better labelled “senryu”. The roots of my malaise? This feeling of inadequacy, that i should be doing something great, followed by debilitating, negative self talk. I thought a great poets who have a great bearing. Hemingway captures that confident bearing, which I seek to install within me perfectly.

    Haiku, November 19, 2019

    the morning’s darkness 

    my bed’s warmth captivates me

    tyranny of dawn

    Good morning, everyone! I hope your Tuesday moves you closer to your dreams. 

    #Insecurities: A #Haiku

    Meditating on things that hamper growth. Insecurities fill that for me. Especially as they’re often unfounded and irrational, to the point of annoyance. Well, that’s how I feel when I can step back and look set them rationally. 

    Writing is one way I cope. Putting them down on paper helps me deeply. 

    Also, this shows me the power of daily affirmations. Taking the time to deliberately challenge these destructive mental models…actually, proactively challenging them, is important. Stay ahead of the corrosion.