I Delight In White Noise 

White noise’s beauty 

Hiding the fearful silence 

This mountain of sand 

Sometimes I find it hard to sleep in deep silence. Perhaps it’s the urbanite within me. I find comfort in sound. But would I find peace within the raucousness of the jungle? 


To live where my grandparents lived

I live amongst ghosts
My grandparent’s memories
Amidst these very trees

I walk the same streets my grandparents did. It fills me with connection to this place. Time become more fluid. 

A Good Morning Haiku For You 

Sunlight’s debuting
Early morning darkness fades
Sounds of spring arise 

Watching the dawn inch forward inspired this haiku. I anthropomorphise the sun, imagining pride and delight as humanity stirs underneath the reborn warmth. Perhaps there’s even love for us as we reawaken our striving. 

So, here’s to a new day, it’s blessed possibilities, and all the potential you bring. 

Spring’s Blossoms Appear

Today’s work commands
My focus and energy
Spring’s blossoms appear

There’s so much greed for my attention. It’s easy to get lost within it all, losing sight of the important things. I strive to step out of that mental swirl, too see the world around me. What about you?