Resisting Rage’s Allure

I try to resist 

Our culture’s lusting for rage

Focusing on light


A Video Recommendation: Anything Worthwhile Takes Time

As I’m want to do, and have received a modicum of fame for, let me start with a haiku:

Such a simple phrase:

“Anything Worthwhile Takes Time”

Not the common view

I’ve long followed Ms. Millman: somewhere around 7-8 years. A long time. And, considering the modern view of time, a VERY long time. Lot’s changed over that time. Especially me. As I keep moving forward, keep learning, keep trying to be better, I become better.

Anthony Bourdain: A Eulogy In Haiku


His death striking me
Suicide’s painful cruelty
What ate his heart so?

I learned a lot from him
Though we weren’t friends, nor had met
But that’s not the point

His show connected with me
I felt a kinship via his journeys
And deeper knowledge

His travels: unique
He went off the beaten path
A road less taken

His show; self-aware
Acknowledging some deceits
Never caught a fish

No angel was he
A comfort with his darkness
Yet not quite enough

Bourdain won Emmys
And also a Peabody
Awards can’t save us

“Everything” he had
All the pieces he held up
Yet he felt despair

His pain surfacing
After great wealth and great fame
Worse than in failure

So many faiths
Preach there’s more to our lives
Than wealth or our fame

There’s an emptiness
In this life we envision
We must be wary

In this morning dark

My mind’s focus telling me

My heart’s deep values
There are times that I think my priorities are “X”. I’ve learned, though, my mind’s focus when I wake tells me the deepest concerns of my heart. 

What’s interesting is how often it’s not anything I give focus to during my day. Or i would expect to be secondary. 

Sometimes it’s not logical, other times it’s extremely rational. 

Sometimes fear, now, though, it’s not. That’s a blessing. 

A thought about taekwondo

Bodies in motion
With the power of our minds
Martial arts’ beauty,

I’ve been studying taekwondo for several years. I’ve been a black for s could years know. I love the beauty, the strength, and grace. And,just importantly, I adore the community that is my humble school’s.