Word of the Day Challenge: River

Photo by ArtHouse Studio on Pexels.com

My contribution to today’s Word of the Day Challenge: River.

this tranquil motion
combined destructive power
river’s dual nature

A river, though sometimes calm and tranquil, and sometimes raging through storms, always erodes it’s surroundings. No matter the gentleness of the moment, there’s inexorable change, micron by micron, creating canyons and corroding mountains. Water’s gentleness is deceptive.

A Morning Song

Most every day, a song echos in my mind as I wake. The universe often speaks to me in song.

This morning I woke to U2’s “40” and the line “how long, to sing this song?”

My heart troubled by the world’s rage soaked violence, by another bloody day. Will humanity expand out of it’s ego before the world’s burned into obliteration by hubris? Will I get to see that day? How long, my friends. How long?