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Abandoning All We Are

Abandon all that we are
So we can become
All that we might be 

I see myself trapped by my past, by the barriers erected from fear, insecurity and doubt. “Grow past them…” I counsel myself. “Push past them. They are but vapor, illusion, less real than the dreams. Dreams create! So I shall focus on them. 

General Musing · Haiku · Poetry

Last Day Of School

This last day of school 

Enjoy this summer of rest 

Each fall brings changes 

The last day of school brings some melancholy thoughts. Lots of lasts today, followed by a bunch of firsts. For my house, middle school ends. The little boy who once lived in my house is taller than me. Joyous stuff, really, yet tinged with sadness v

Changes, so many, a constant string; such is life, I guess. 

Free Verse · General Musing · Poetry

I drove through this town 
Historically Floridian
Just after dusk 

Children biked past 
To safe security 
Of electric lighting 
Dinners, cleanliness
And the dreams 
Of being beloved 

Yellowish glow 
Flows from glass 
Interrupting the night’s
Dark embrace. 

I wonder what 
Such sensation 
Feels like