Civility De-Valued:  A Haiku

Social media 

Civility de-valued 

The evening’s calmness 


Awake Too Early

My relentless mind 

In perpetual motion 

Sleeping’s a challenge 

Awake against my will

Dreaming of dreaming 

Longing for slumber 

The machinery of my mind 

Psychological cogs churn and spin 

Whirring hum of my soul 

Memories Unbidden 

Edvard Munch's
Edvard Munch’s “Melancholy”

Memories come

Ghosts of my youth
Painful moments

Choices I’ve made
But not understood

There’s wisdom there
Not just misery

Forgive the boy
That I was

And see inside
My heart

Now I understand
My internalized mind

Echoes of fears and failures
This early spring morn