Seattle Smoke

With my eyes stinging
And the sun hidden by smoke
I’m praying for rain

The smoke of the west coast is getting tiresome. Now, Seattle is much better off than many parts of the region, so I really can’t complain too much.

We are expecting the air quality to improve over the next few days, which I welcome greatly. I’m really looking forward to unimpeded breathing.

The bees keep working

Honey bees at work

Through the intense sun

And air choked with smoke moving

The bees keep working

The air in the greater Seattle has been filled with the smoke of many fires. Carried by the wind miles, a gift to be choked, I guess. The bees seem unperturbed.

Seattle Smoke

Smoky skies in Seattle, September 8, 2020

in this morning air
destructive rage blowing west
the sepia sky

The featured image is out my front door, trying to capture the smoky haze that’s descended upon Seattle. My lungs hurt a bit, my eyes sting, and I feel for my asthmatic friends and the misery they’re going through.