A #Haiku for your Sunday morning 

I’m up before dawn 

Light coming through my window 

I just need some tea 
I hope your Sunday recharges your soul, giving you energy and drive as we face a new week. 


A #StarWars #Haiku

So much Star Wars on

This event in Chicago

One of my life’s great joys

Star Wars has long been a key part of my life. The films are a central part of my personal mythology. I’ve written a few other poems about the films, and I expect I’ll write more.

With Star Wars Celebration going on in Chicago this weekend, I’ve been delighted to watch video footage of the happenings. I’ve long been inspired by the universe, and delighted as we keep moving forward. I felt a desire to communicate a bit of what it feels like to watch what’s happening to these characters I love. I hope I did it justice.

A Haiku From This Evening’s Walk

The water’s stillness

With the sun moving westward

Spring’s daylight now ends

I live about 30 miles north of Seattle. I adore walking along the Edmonds waterfront. Many of my shots posted here are from this small city. My history here goes back a few generations. Simply walking here brings forth memories of cousins, grandparents.