Haiku, January 8, 2020

barren branches move

wind, graceful power’s song

I still hear your voice 

Walking In The Rain

​walking in the rain

moss covered stones by the brook

such calm memories 

I just discovered a new writing prompt series created by Ronovan Writes. I love the concept and look forward to exploring the community further. 

This haiku responds to this prompt: Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #287 Brook&Moss, which seems like a perfect prompt for a Seattleite. 

This morning’s #haiku: awaiting dawn

awaiting dawn 

light’s grace upon the dark clouds

rain’s song to the trees

Dawn may come earlier, but it’s still dark before I leave for work, still dark on many drive home. This, at times, challenges many mood. I work to stay cognizant of my minds health.