A suburban early morning

Though it’s not yet dawn

The neighbor’s dog is howling

Life in the suburbs 


Too much time on the internet: a haiku

Oh, the internet!
I made a mistake today
Witnessed ugliness

Yeah, spent too much time this evening reading terrible news stories. Humanity’s ability for brutality stuns me beyond all sensibility.

I’ve found that I need to find the good when faced with this. Go create, seek out beauty and kindness.

So, here I am.

My Pre-Dawn Mind: A Morning Haiku

Sitting here, pre-dawn 

My mind frantic with work stuff

The night is quiet

I’m awake, my mind reeling with ideas. Sadly, but restful, peaceful ones. Rather, things I need to change, ideas i need to incorporate. In the morning calm, my brain is editing my work. But they most desirable thing, I guess. It doesn’t facilitate and being of being well rested. The

My response? Open up my tablet and capture these notions, then set an Afghan to remind me to look at them once in at work. It calms my mind.