A haiku over tea

Some afternoon tea

Combined with a tasty lunch

Spring’s not quite here yet

Enjoying a lite bite at Edmonds’ Red Twig. A lovely cafe with tasty food, lovely coffee and a good selection of teas, it’s a favorite stop for many of our neighbors.

New Opportunities

life’s changes
new opportunities
cherry blossoms

I saw these blooms at Edmonds Community College today. I am moving forward with my career transition plan. My current position ends Friday, and I’ve grown weary of being let go all the time. So I’m going to study Web Design and Development. This excites me deeply.

Forward, always moving forward.

A Tuesday Morning Haiku

morning darkness

swirls around


One day is done, four more to go as I transition out one career stop into another. Friday’s an ending and a beginning. I’m sad about the ending, but excited about the beginning. I’m opening a new chapter in my life. Blank pages to fill.