Releasing Perfection

Perfection released

Forever seeking to grow

Gentle humbleness 

There’s a power in humility. Slowly I’m growing forward. 

And Now It Is Night

and now it is night
the darkness embraces me
cool tranquility

Experimenting with Autodesk’s #Sketc. Fun thing to far, but I need to go to sleep now.

A little haiku to end your week:

Upwards I see stars
Flickerings in the darkness
This cold winter’s night

A #haiku for this #cold, #winter’s, night

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All Hail Speed!

All hail performance!

I recklessly pursue speed 

Losing quality

I always feel pressure to get things done faster. Speed is everything! Except it’s not. Without quality everything collapses. Pressure starts to build for both, yet they live on the opposite sides of town. Therein lies the challenge, methinks.