A Star Wars Haiku

As a long-time Star Wars fan, I thought it would be fun to create a couple of Star Wars themed haiku. Below is the first.

A Day In The Mountains

Winter’s afternoon
Watching these clouds move through firs
Such grace filled motion

Out east of Bellingham, near the town of Deming, we journeyed to the Nooksack river to see eagles. Around twenty bald and golden eagles sat among the trees. Seagulls fought for the scraps.

A Meditation About Seeking Greatness

So, why am I here?

Such a powerful question

This path to greatness

I want to grow, to become more, do important things, make a positive impact upon this place I love. That is what I mean by “greatness” . But that’s only a part. How I need to define my goal. 

As Thich Naht Hahn said, “The path is the goal”. It’s a fluid, moving target, evolving as my soul grows. I find this beautiful.