Ownership is Empowerment

Ownership gives strength

The problems of someone else
Will never get solved

A haiku which considers the importance of owning our problems, and empowering ourselves to find solutions.



Quite a clever haiku. The fact that the crafter is 8 fills me with joy.

The Poetry Department . . . aka The Boynton Blog

2018 Walk Award
By Mason Cash, grade 3

Projected image
A cool hallucination
Seen but not solid

. . . . .
My name is Mason and I am 8 years old. I go to Beach Elementary on Lummi Island and this is my first published poem.

I came up with the poem, Hologram, by flipping through a dictionary and randomly picking a page. I decided the word I chose would be the title of my poem. I then thought of the characteristics of a hologram and used those to write my haiku.

. . . . .
*Copyright 2018 by Mason Cash. Broadside illustrated by Megan Carroll.

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