A thought about taekwondo

Bodies in motion
With the power of our minds
Martial arts’ beauty,

I’ve been studying taekwondo for several years. I’ve been a black for s could years know. I love the beauty, the strength, and grace. And,just importantly, I adore the community that is my humble school’s. 

Cling to Hope

Fear is powerful 

Yet only hope can transform 

Cling strongly to that 

It’s hard, at times, to fnd the light in the dark. Seek it out, nurture it. It is there, and will grow stronger. 

A Meditation This Memorial Day

Please remember why

So many giving their lives

Bird song on marble

As a young man, I was quite proud of my decision to join the Navy. No plans for great and noble sacrifice. My future was what mattered; potential, possibility. There were thoughts of glory, but not of sacrifice. 

I’m sobered as I remember my youth. The naivete. The impulsiveness. The reckless spirit. The commitment to my friends. A child in so many ways, carrying amazing responsibility. I held the keys to horror. Mistakes could mean anguish and death for my friends, my crew, those I loved, and for countless innocents. 

I’ve seen the face of parents who’ve lost their children. Of wives who lost their husbands. The promise of youth shattered to pieces. That leaves a horrible swath of destruction within hearts. 

I consider all of this as I look upon this day and it’s symbolism. There’s so much we have yet to learn. 

An Early Morning Haiku

Yes, I am awake

And the birds sing with vigor

Dawn has not yet come

I’m amazed at the number of birds singing right now. Well, I think one of the loudest sounds is an insect, but I digress.  It’s quite boisterous. Oddly, as daylight comes their sounds will quiet. Perhaps just supplanted by human noise. Perhaps.