Negative Self-Talk

Awake in the night
Fear whispering in my ear
White noise of deceit



It’s audacious
Hubristic, really
To think these words
A silly spackle of thought
Might, maybe, change things
Dampen a bit of rage
Create a little love
Maybe, just maybe,
My audacity might
Bear fruit
Hope echoes

Dreams of the open road

Once I dreamt 

Of the open road’s

Mysteries and delights

Envisioning freedom

And escape, adventures

The discovery of myself

Now I see

Cold nights 

Buried in blankets

Fog inside on windows

Surf’s call outside and loud 



Simplicity’s grace
Enjoying “less” in this life 



This evening’s walk

A rather warm evening for the end of November. I walked off a few of the feast’s calories, peering at the stars through Seattle’s clouds. 


A Thanksgiving Haiku For You

Grace in gratitude

The humbleness of our spirit

Thanksgiving’s healing

I hope each end every one of you felt blessed and loved today…and on all days.


Dreaming of the Sky

Underneath the rain
The sky above beckons me
Freedom of the sky


Sometimes I wonder

I wonder if I would’ve resisted the Nazis had I lived in WWII Germany. Would I have been able to resist my fears, of the ever present Gestapo.

Do you think you would’ve risked your life?


Opened Eyes

I always seek clarity. Often, the more I seek, the less I find.

Once I sketched a lot. Just little things. But the habit waned. A friend’s challenge got me open my sketchbooks again. I’ll rebirth this part of myself.

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Drawing again

Time to draw again
I’ve neglected this too long
Don’t wait for “perfect”