Dismantling me

From the inside out


2 thoughts on “Another meditation about depression 

  1. Thank you for all the kind and thoughtful messages. Let me provide some insights into where my mind is, right now.

    Depression has dogged me my whole life. In my mid-twenties, I started therapy where I developed powerful tools to manage it. It’s still there and sneaks up on me at times. Vigilance, my friends, vigilance.

    This poem, though, comes out of the intersection of these with a few outside things. One: the suicide of one of my son’s classmates. Another: a podcast featuring Wil Wheaton, someone who I admire greatly, where he discusses his own battles with depression. I gained deeper insight into its impacts on me. Ways I never noticed.

    Ultimately, my underlying feeling writing this was one of annoyance, and how dare this “thing” sneak in and undermine my life.

    So, I’m in a good place. Yet I see this, watch it closely, for it always lurks.

    The love that surrounds me gives me both strength to face this inner fight that, let me honest, is fearful at times, as well as hope. I know I’m not alone. That I’m cared for. There’s nothing more powerful, nor more wonderful.


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